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Age-Defying & Glow Booster Face Serum

Age-Defying & Glow Booster Face Serum

Fights Signs of Aging || Tightens Skin || Boosts Collagen

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Age Defying & Glow booster face serum by Flaura Essentials is a unique formulation for healthy, young, and naturally glowing skin. Infused with Vitamin E and a combination of 16 Essential oils make it a versatile skin care product suitable for all skin types and targets Pigmentation, Signs of Aging, Scars, and age spots while deeply hydrating your skin. 

Our serum is loaded with antioxidants that neutralize damage caused by free radicals, reduces oxidative stress, boosts collagen production, tightens the skin and reverses skin aging to give you a youthful and radiant glow.

Key Ingredients

1) Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil is a great source of antioxidants that helps in reversing skin aging. It is deeply nourishing, helps to restore
and retain skin moisture, making it soft and supple.

2) Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce skin irritation, redness and swelling. It is ultra nourishing and has a soothing effect on the skin that make it effective against acne
causing bacteria.

3) Carrot Seed Essential Oil

Carrot seed oil is rich in antioxidants, which makes it the perfect anti-ageing ingredient. It helps to neutralize damage-causing free radicals and reverses skin aging. It also protects skin against harmful UV radiations and boosts skin’s natural barrier.

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  • Defies signs of Ageing

    Vitamin E, Argan, and Moringa oil help to minimize acne scars, improve skin’s texture and reverse signs of aging leaving you with flawless, glowing skin.

  • Super Hydrating

    Helps to combat dehydration, and rejuvenate dull and dry skin. Replenishes skin cells, and promotes cell growth for soft, supple and plump skin.

  • Intense Treatment for your skin

    Anti-inflammatory properties helps to soothe skin inflammation, irritation, redness, swelling and sunburn. The antibacterial properties makes it effective in fighting acne-causing bacteria, reducing acne breakouts

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