How to Control Hairfall. Remedies & Causes of Falling Hair

How to Control Hairfall. Remedies & Causes of Falling Hair

Hairfall, a phenomenon that humans have been going through for as long as humanity has existed. Yet, in the last few decades, with physical appearance gaining more and more importance in our lives, it has become a major problem for people. Multiple hair products are targeted in the market, especially to control hair fall. It was popularly quoted by Wendy Roberts, MD (Dermatology), "Like a garden, a normal hair cycle should lead to a product, which is the hair." referring to how one should think of your hair growth as that of a garden. How well and healthy the grass in your garden will grow depends on how good your soil's health is.

For men, this problem is more common (or commonly visible, one can say), and it starts at an early age, especially if you have a family history of men going bald in their later years. Although women go through alopecia (another name for hair fall) as well, it is less common and has a massively different balding pattern than their male counterparts. Let us look at the hair fall solutions, reasons for it & its remedies.

What Causes Hairfall?

Anything that interferes with your hair growth cycle can lead to hair loss, including medication, illness, infection, or even chemicals that can cause hair fall. Though it is generally a more common problem for men, women also suffer from it in the form of thinning or falling hair.

The reason for your hair fall will most likely be one of the following:

  • Heredity:

This is the primary reason for hair loss that happens due to aging. It occurs in predictable patterns referring to one's earlier generations having the same problems at around the same age. This condition is called androgenic alopecia. In women, it is seen as thinning hair and the scalp's crown.

  • Hormonal Changes:

Hormonal changes in conditions like pregnancy, childbirth, menopause & thyroid can cause short- or long-term hair loss. You might use multiple products to reduce hair fall, but in the case of hormonal changes, the results might not be as prominent.

  • Stress:

Thinning of hair is seen in people after a while of them going through a stressful time. This could be because of physical or even mental trauma. This type of hair fall is usually temporary.

  • Health Supplements/ Drugs:

Drugs are used to treat certain medical conditions like cancer, depression, heart problems, and others. It can also be caused by the consumption of certain unnatural health supplements.

How to Reduce/Control Hair Fall Manually?

It is nearly impossible to stop hair fall. No matter how healthy your hair is, some hair strands (around 50-100) fall off daily. It is nothing to worry about and completely normal, especially for women with long hair.


  • Induce Protein in your Diet

Our hair follicles are mainly made of keratin, a type of protein. Hence, protein is exceptionally essential for your hair. Switch to a protein-rich diet for stronger hair. Food items like buts, eggs, beans, chicken, fish and other low-fat dairy products are suitable to maintain hair strength and inevitably reduce hair fall.

  • Consume & Use Vitamin A-Rich Products

Vitamin A is composed of retinoids, which have been proved to be vital in terms of hair growth. It keeps your scalp healthy and promotes the growth of new hair. Consume food rich in Vitamin A and use products like a hair fall shampoo bar with Vitamin A or Retinoids.

  • Use Biotin-Based Products

Fatty Acid Synthesis in the body is regulated remarkably well by Biotin. This is a necessary process of the hair-cycle functioning, and a void of this may result in a destructive hair growth pattern or substantial hair loss. Be considerate about the environment and about your hair, use the Biotin Shampoo Bar by Earth Rhythm and keep your hair & the environment healthy.

  • Take Regular Hair Care Measures

 Everything's better when taken good care of. The same goes for your hair. Washing your hair regularly, oiling it once in a while, and styling them gently are some measures you can take. Use Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Bars to make sure your scalp is healthy, and there is no itching on your head leading to hair fall.

Earth Rhythm Recommended Products For Hair Fall Solution:

Along with these are many other critically acclaimed methods to control hair fall. Some of these include extreme measures like laser treatment and hair transplant (like many celebrities have gone through); the others are pretty elementary, like using Onion juice or head massages with Amla/Coconut Oil. Although, as we have already established that there is no hard & fast solution to stop hair fall immediately, we can always reduce it by taking measures in the interest of our scalp.

If the above-given measures are not helpful for you, seek a consultation from a dermatologist and get to know what can be the reason for your hair fall and how you can cure it. For other hair care products, visit Earth Rhythm and find an exclusive range of hair care for all hair types and problems. 

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